One Trip or one time use / one way is categorized as a new container. New containers are built overseas and brought over to the United States on one voyage to their port destination. Once arrived in the depot, the new containers are placed in a pile amongst other one trippers awaiting to be sold and delivered to their respective purchasers location. Hence, the term one trip or one time use. 1-Trip containers come in a variety of colors being shades of beige and grey as the most common and most offered.

Water tight (WWT) shipping containers are used conex boxes that are no longer in service. Water tight means there are no holes, no gashes, no broken floors and no structural damages. Water tight containers are great for onsite dry storage / office conversions / car port structures / modular living spaces amongst countless other applications. Used containers will have cosmetic blemishing which can come in the form or rust / dinging / denting / rippling / patches / logos / markings / scuffing and other used attributes from heavy international commercial use. Used containers come in a variety of colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, brown and grey but rarely are ever available in black, white or beige.

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Once an order has been placed, the normal estimated turn around time can take between 7 – 14 days on average. Lead times vary based on geographic locations, distance and current work loads that are in queue on the schedule. Schedules will be pushed back depending on poor weather conditions and holidays. Deliveries are available Monday – Friday.

Shipping container floors are made of a marine grade plywood that is 1 & 1/8 inch thick. The floor is specifically made to resist decay and is initially heat treated to prevent the growth of larvae. The floor sits over steal beams allowing a payload rating over 50,000 pounds. Wood species are commonly going to be Keruing and Apitong which typically have better resistance to various temperatures. In some cases, newer built containers contain bamboo flooring.

The 20′ standard shipping containers weigh approximately 5000 Pounds. (2300 Kilograms)

The 40′ standard shipping containers weigh approximately 8000 Pounds. (3600 Kilograms)

The 40′ high cube shipping containers weigh approximately 8500 Pounds. (3850 Kilograms)

Unfortunately, due to restrictions in space at our physical depot locations and assigned work force, we do not have the opportunity of organizing containers into color coded sections. We organize containers by a grading system and not by color.