Used and One Trip Descriptions

One Trip / New 20ft Shipping Container

One Time Use / One Trip Standard Shipping Container (8’ 6” Tall) with minor cosmetic blemishes. Common colors are beige, gray, and blue. One Trip Containers are referred as New and are built overseas.

Used 20ft Shipping Container

Used Water Tight Standard Shipping Container (8’ 6” Tall) with common cosmetic blemishes such as rust, patches, dents, logos, rippling, markings, and abrasions. Water-tight containers do not have leaks, holes, or damages.

DISCLAIMER: Container photos are displayed for representational purposes only for user reference. Used containers come in many variations of colors and defining attributes such as logos, patches, rust, dings, dents and markings.  One Trip Containers regarded as new containers come in multiple colors with minor abrasions and cosmetic flaws from being used on one voyage.  Containers are sold individually.  

20ft New Shipping Container

Pickup Options Available:

Pickup options are available, please call us at 551-250-1165 for more information.