Shipping Container Pricing

Jan 27, 2024

What is the Cost of a Storage Container

Shipping containers vary by price in their respective geographic locations. Areas that are by coast lines and terminals situated around large bodies of water normally will be more cost effective than inland locations only accessible by rail or truck. As an example, the East Coast and West Coast have higher volumes of cargo containers arriving more frequently with less overhead fees such as additional trucking or long distance trucking or rail to be made for sale. Higher volumes and less overhead equals to a lower market based price point than other locations which see less stock due to distance away from the coasts.

If a trucking company had to choose between returning an empty sea container in Newark, NJ or Pittsburgh, PA – the choice would be easy in order to save time, fuel and labor since it arrived on the coast in New Jersey. This is a perfect example why Pittsburgh will only carry a handful of shipping containers for sale opposed to New York which will have hundreds. This fact alone will drive the price up significantly in Pennsylvania because the extra time, fuel, tolls and labor involved to deliver there will weigh heavily on the sales price.

One Trip and Watertight Containers

New shipping containers referred to as one trip / one time use / one trippers are newly manufactured boxes that come in beige or grey colors that will be on the higher priced tier than used watertight or cargo worthy grades. Watertight is the most commonly available used category and most economically affordable compared to sea worthy / cargo worthy / ammo grade and the Institute of International Container Lessors strict criteria grade.

There are less expensive options that dive into the damaged umbrella of ASIS, high estimate of repair and complete scrap, total loss options which are not separated by the issue causing the box to be priced the way it is but rather only identified by it’s cost to repair bracket. Specialized cargo containers that are specifically built for sale such as open side, open top, double door are built for sale and come in one trip condition and will have a higher value than any other common new container build. Insulated shipping containers that have working or non-working refrigerated components will also be priced higher due to the cost of materials to produce them.

Where to Buy Shipping Containers

Luckily, there is an easy way to purchase shipping containers directly from the source. Cove offers an easy online checkout shopping platform to allow you to select the container size and condition you are looking for. Simply add the zip code where the container(s) need to be shipped to and pricing is instantly provided. Containers are an easy way to gain secure portable storage for household belongings and other miscellaneous items.

Construction companies secure their tools and equipment, landscapers keep their building materials safe from the elements, NVOCC’s utilize shipper owned containers for remote destinations, industries house important assets and renovators keep their furniture locked away during the remodel. There are endless applications for secure dry modular onsite storage. Contact Cove for any questions regarding purchasing or visit the website to gain access to instant pricing.

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